Testimony: she comes out bisexual to her husband, he cheats on her a few months later

After coming out bisexual to her husband, a woman discovered that he was having an affair. A betrayal that destroyed the mother of the family.

Three years ago, Jessica Daniels, an American mother, came out as bisexual to her husband after 8 years of marriage. A few months later, the latter learned that her companion was having an affair with another woman.

In a testimony granted to Insider magazine, she explains why her marriage did not work after the announcement of her bisexual orientation.

Jessica Daniels married her first husband at the age of 24: ” I was not happy and we ended up divorcing “. A year and a half after their separation, the young woman met Mike, and the two lovebirds fell madly in love with each other.

” We had been together for four years when he proposed to me, and we got married in 2011. I was 36. ”

The one who has always been attracted to women – without knowing why – felt that a change was taking place in her eight years after the start of her second marriage.

“ I started having fantasies during my appointments with a practitioner (…) From then on, I confided in the person I trusted the most: my husband, Mike ”.

When Jessica confessed to her partner that she was bisexual, he kissed her and encouraged her to explore her bisexuality: “ We were in a solid, happy and monogamous relationship (…) I had no interest in change our dynamics .

The mother of the family was far from suspecting that her marriage was going to end: “ At the end of last year, I learned that my husband was having an affair. It had been going on for over a year at that point .”

Unsurprisingly, Mike’s betrayal completely destroyed Jessica. Once the shock passed, the author of the message initially blamed her. After talking with her friends, she managed to take stock of her relationship .

According to him, Mike had an extramarital affair because he feared that his wife would move away from him to get together with a woman: ” I fought against it, but in the end, I had to accept his choices and find a way forward ”

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