After an intense fight, a Rhône fisherman manages to extract a 2.62 m long catfish

A Rhône fisherman managed to extract a gigantic fish from the river a few days ago. A catch that the interested party is not about to forget.

On May 1 , Anthony Jeannon experienced a moment that every fisherman dreams of experiencing at least once in his life.

The young man, originally from Beaucaire (Gard), indeed succeeded in fishing a monstrous catfish 2.62 meters long in the Rhône, after an intense fight with the fish which of course was not not let it happen.

A catch as rare as it is spectacular, when you know that the maximum known size of a catfish is 280 cm. A record set by a specimen extirpated from the Po river in Italy, in 2021.

As he confided on social networks, Anthony had to fight hard to extract the fish from the waters, but the game was worth it.

“ New record. A crazy opening and a dream come true for me. The rise of the shads will once again have made it possible to lure this 2.62m monster, who will not have let go until the end, ”he wrote, not a little proud, on Instagram.

According to our colleagues from the Midi Libre , the waters of Beaucaire are famous for sheltering such fish, but it is extremely rare to come across specimens of this size.

One thing is certain, Anthony Jeannon will not soon forget the day of May 1st. His memorable catch will go down in history.

And for those who doubted it, the fisherman obviously put the fish back in the water, in accordance with the “no-kill” technique.

As a reminder, this practice of no-kill, imported from the United States by American sport fishermen, consists of not killing the fish caught in order to put them back in the water alive.

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