Three dogs died of poisoning during the final of the French canicross championship

Sunday, the French canicross championship, which was held in Vauvert (Gard), turned into a real nightmare. The reason ? Three dogs which were to participate in the competition died of poisoning.

The last day of the final of the French canicross championship – a pedestrian race with a dog – took a dramatic turn this Sunday, March 12, in Vauvert (Gard). Indeed, three dogs died poisoned, report our colleagues from France 3 Occitanie.

A fourth dog is currently in critical condition, after having sniffed the vomit of his congeners, explains Yvon Lasbleiz, the president of the Federation of Sports and Leisure Canins to the information site.

“It is necessarily a criminal act”
According to France 3, the quadrupeds would have been victims of poisoning which ” would be linked to a slug product contained in meatballs scattered along the sports course “.

Still according to the media, the facts took place around 7:30 am. Unsurprisingly, the second round of the competition was canceled and volunteers from the organization rushed to pick up the other dumplings.

“ It is necessarily a criminal act even if I do not understand why and who could have done this. I don’t know if this person realizes his act. When you see what it does to dogs, imagine if a child walked up to those dumplings? “, protested Yvon Lasbleiz.

The Federation of Canine Sports and Leisure (FSLC) and the city of Vauvert have filed a complaint: “ We have a thought for the dogs who left us following an abject criminal act by person (s) who put poisoned meatballs on the site ,” the FSLC wrote on its Facebook page.

Note that a flagrant investigation has been opened for “act of cruelty to animals”, revealed to AFP the public prosecutor of Nîmes. The culprit or culprits risk two years in prison and a fine of 30,000 euros.

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