Thanks to its small size, a calf escapes the slaughterhouse and finds a loving family

In the United States, a calf that escaped the slaughterhouse was offered shelter for life by a family of ranchers. The little bovine quickly found its marks in its new home.

A few months ago, Delbur could have lost his life in a slaughterhouse , but fate had prepared another plan for the calf . As Good Morning America reports, an American butcher refused to buy the young bovine. The reason ? Its size considered too small.

The calf is given a second chance
This refusal was seen as a sign by the family that owns the breeding in which Delbur pointed the tip of his nose. The latter decided to offer him shelter for life: “I try not to get attached but how can I resist?  “said the mother of the family in a video shared by the news media.

Today, the hairball feels like a fish in water in its new home: “It’s just our pet cow now” .

And the least we can say is that her little face is to die for! According to its owner, Delbur is an intelligent and very curious animal. His favorite activity is to open the latches of the doors. The mammal also has fun licking the tools.

Unsurprisingly, his daily life is punctuated by naps in the pasture! You will have understood that Delbur flows happy days with his masters. A nice revenge for the one who almost ended up in a piece of meat.

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