A Belgian installs a fake radar in front of his house to encourage motorists to slow down

A man, who was tired of seeing motorists driving too fast near his home, had the brilliant idea of ​​building a realistic fake speed camera.

Living near a busy thoroughfare can quickly become a nightmare.

Beyond the noise pollution, the danger lies above all in the behavior of certain road users, who drive much too fast in areas where they should nevertheless mark time.

A permanent threat but a resident of Stekene, a small village in Flanders ( Belgium ), may have found the solution!

Exasperated by the speed of motorists driving in front of his home, he places a fake radar in front of his home
Annoyed by the excessive number of speeding tickets he saw in front of his home, he had the clever idea, to say the least, of placing an ultra-realistic fake radar in front of his house to force motorists to to slow down.

” There is a speed limit of 50km / h, but many drivers do not respect it “, explains the interested party, exasperated, to the Flemish media HLN .

” We’ve been asking the neighborhood for a long time to do something about this. A reconstruction of the regional road has been promised, but we have been waiting for it for years ”, he continues, deploring in passing “ the poor condition of the road ”.

Faced with such helplessness, local residents then suggested the idea of ​​a fake radar. A coachbuilder by trade, he designed this object “ as realistic as possible ” with his own hands, even going so far as to integrate a power supply that allows him to activate a flash remotely, using a remote control.

And the least we can say is that the dummy radar is having an effect because since he installed it, the man has been able to see its dissuasive side.

And for those who wonder if such an initiative is legal, know that from the moment the object is installed on the property of the person, nothing prohibits it!

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