Germany: he takes an awesome photo of a family of squirrels sleeping under his window

A few months ago, Ludwig C. Timm noticed some activity back home in Germany. It turns out that a small construction project was going on right outside his bathroom window.

“At first, we only noticed a few small twigs resting on the windowsill. We thought the wind had blown them there. Then we saw the squirrels building,” he explained to our American colleagues from The Dodo.

Indeed, a couple of squirrels had chosen the place to build their nest and start a family. For Timm, a photographer by profession, the unexpected arrival was a unique opportunity to capture squirrels up close, especially when the furry family began to grow. And for good reason, during this period, what was initially just a nest quickly turned into a nursery.

Over the months, Ludwig C. Timm closely followed the squirrels and their young, which he was lucky enough to see growing up right outside his window. And among the shots he took of their daily life, there is one that particularly stands out. The latter shows a scene that is really too cute: the mother and two of her little ones comfortably seated taking a nap .

“I was very lucky to be able to take the picture of the sleeping squirrels. Normally they are inside the nest, but it was hot that day so they were sleeping where I could see them,” Ms Timm said. It may seem quite mundane to some, but to see it with your own eyes is something incredible.

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