Twice a week, Jordan collects unsold bouquets to flower the graves of the cemeteries in Lens

In Lens, a baker decided to collect unsold bouquets of flowers to adorn the graves in cemeteries. An initiative that is both supportive and anti-waste.

Jordan Lourdel is a baker who works at the Carrefour hypermarket in Liévin, in Pas-de-Calais. From his workplace, the craftsman noticed that many of the florist’s unsold flowers ended up in the trash.

Beyond a certain “use by” date, the flowers can no longer be sold and are thrown away. However, some bouquets, which cost on average between 6 and 7 euros, are still in perfect condition.

To fight against waste, Jordan decided to collect these bouquets of flowers to flower the graves of the cemetery of Lens. It was while going to a cemetery that the baker had this idea.

“While going to gather at my mother’s grave, I noticed that some graves were abandoned. I thought we could give them a little color with these unsold bouquets ,” said Jordan.

He collects the unsold flowers to flower the cemeteries
Twice a week, Jordan collects bouquets of flowers from the hypermarket that have not been sold. Thus, the plants do not end up in the trash, and Jordan limits waste by reusing them.

He then goes to the cemetery to flower the abandoned tombs. Thanks to the baker , the place is immediately more colorful, which makes it possible to brighten up the visits of the deceased. In addition to flowering the graves himself, Jordan leaves a box full of flowers at the entrance to the cemetery, for visitors to help themselves and decorate the graves themselves free of charge.

“I wrote a short message to explain my initiative to people and I always warn the goalkeeper so that there is no misunderstanding , explained Jordan. Visitors often ask me if it pays. I answer no, they can be used without problem. I just hope they don’t take the bouquets home. But hey, as long as it makes someone happy…”

In addition to going to cemeteries, Jordan sometimes offers unsold flowers to residents or nursing home staff. The big-hearted baker is also the president of the Cartoon’s association, which helps sick children.

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