This rescuer saved a cat from the earthquake in Turkey and since then, the animal no longer wants to leave him

A rescuer who was looking for survivors after the earthquake in Turkey saved a cat that was stuck under the rubble. Since then, the animal and its savior have become inseparable.

On Monday, February 6, an earthquake rocked Turkey, killing thousands. Since the earthquake, rescue operations have multiplied to try to find people who have survived under the rubble of garbage buildings.

In a few days, several people have already been found alive as a 10 -day mother and baby, a brother and her sister or a 3 -year -old girl, all stuck under the debris. However, there are not only humans who were able to benefit from the help of the rescuers, as animals were also discovered after the earthquake.

A man saves a chat from the rubble
This is the case of a man who found a cat blocked under rubble and who saved his life by extracting him from rubble. Since this rescue, the animal and its savior have become inseparable since the feline no longer wants to leave the rescuer and prefers to stay perched on his shoulder rather than regaining his freedom.

In addition to this cat, other animals were found after the earthquake. Another cat was found in Hatay, a bird in Malatya and a dog named Pamuk in Iskenderun. These animals, sometimes more than 48 hours under the rubble, were found alive. Good news that gives hearts to heart after the disaster in the country.

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