A little boy wants to dress up as a princess to see Frozen, his father’s reaction is adorable

On Instagram, a father showed how he reacted when his son told him he wanted to dress up as a princess to go see Frozen at the cinema. Dad’s reaction was adorable.

On social networks, many parents show how they educate their children and how they support them when they want to do something out of the ordinary. This is the case of a father, Scott Stuart, who revealed that his little boy wanted to go to the cinema to see Frozen 2 dressed as a princess. Faced with this request, the dad did not hesitate for a moment, since he decided to dress up as a princess too , to accompany his son. In a video posted on his Instagram account, we can therefore see the little boy and his father with princess dresses, in the direction of the cinema.

A father and son dress up as princesses
If Scott Stuart decided to dress up as a princess too, it was above all out of support for his son, whom he did not want to leave alone to face the unpleasant criticism of other spectators.

This disguise is not the only thing this father has done for his son, since he also bought him a very nice dress when they went to Disneyland. Benevolent gestures rewarded by the words of the little boy, who once said: “How good it feels to be me!”

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