Inspired by the drawings of his sons, this French illustrator creates superb Japanese anime characters

Like father like son, the artist Thomas Romain uses his children’s drawings to create authentic Japanese anime characters.

Thomas Romain is a French cartoonist living in Tokyo. This drawing enthusiast is a recognized artist, in particular for being the initial creator of the animated “Code Lyoko” and “Oban Star Racers”.

When he is not working on his commercial projects, Romain Thomas devotes his time to collaborating with his children. The latter offer different characters and the artist uses his magic to transform them into cartoon heroes.

We already shared it with you a year ago . Today, the artist returns with other even more impressive creations, always drawing on the imagination of his children. To discover his other works and those of his children, go to his Instagram page and join his 180k followers.

Here are his latest drawings:











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