Exasperated, he decides to open a suspicious package in a TGV, without waiting for the deminers, because he does not want to be late

Fearing that his train might be late, a passenger recently took matters into his own hands, ignoring the usual safety instructions. Narrative.

Train delays are never pleasant and whatever the reason, there is nothing to do but endure and wait helplessly.

One man, however, decided to act at his own risk.

As he was about to take a TGV to Paris, a passenger decided to open a suspicious package himself so that the train would not be late.

He opens a suspicious package in a TGV to avoid an evacuation and a delay of the train
The scene took place on Monday February 13 on one of the platforms of Reims station (Marne).

Shortly after 5 p.m. as the train was about to depart, the conductor made an announcement explaining that an abandoned black colored handbag had been reported on a train and that its owner should come forward immediately. . In vain.

The person concerned then had no choice but to evacuate the train and call the demining services, as required by procedure.

But he didn’t have time! Because it was at this precise moment that an exasperated passenger, determined not to leave late, grabbed the suspicious package and then opened it on the platform to examine its contents, ” under the dumbfounded eyes of the controllers “says a witness present on the spot.

“ He even opened the bag, which contained … only a packet of chewing gum and post-its ”, specifies this one.

Noting that the bag presented no risk, the TGV crew therefore decided to cancel the procedure, de facto authorizing the departure of the train.

As for the passenger, he was able to get back on board without being worried. He would even have been thanked by many travelers, not unhappy to leave on time.

Note that no legal action will be taken against him.

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