The Celtic legend of the black and white cat: a story of pure love

Today felines are much-loved animals, they are together with dogs, the most common pets in our homes. However, this love for cats is not born now, but it is a love handed down for centuries.

In fact, the legend that we will tell you below comes from ancient people. Let’s discover together the Celtic legend of the black and white cat.

The legend of the black and white cat
The protagonists of the legend of the black and white cat as well as a fantastic love story, are a black-haired, yellow-eyed cat named Buigh and her human.

Buigh had a very strong bond with her owner, in fact they were meant to be together and never separated, they shared everything from food to bed, took walks together and her human loved her so much that he considered her a true best friend so much he confided in her.

However, this strong love for her cat meant that her human decided to leave her with her mother, as he would have to leave for a boat trip.

The human’s mother to ensure that Buigh did not follow her son to the port, locked her up for a while in a barn. The poor cat missed her beloved master so much that she meowed for days and weeks waiting for his return.

However, one day, a neighbor of the man’s mother went to her and told her that perhaps her beloved son would die because of a storm that had hit his boat. Listening to this story the cat ran away to reach the beach with the hope of finding her human.

But this did not happen and so the tender cat began to walk along the coast covering entire kilometers. However, after a long walk without eating or drinking, the poor cat, tired and wasted, stopped on a cliff and said to the ocean: “Take me to him at the bottom of your abyss, I give you my soul because without him there is no place for me in this world”.

After the cat’s appeal, a big wave covered the latter, who closed her eyes and was carried away by the water. When Buigh opened her eyes, she found herself in the arms of a man who was caressing her gently and realized that it was her beloved owner, who, looking at the cat’s bright yellow eyes, recovered the memory she had lost due to the accident. However, the man noticed that Kitty’s coat was different from how he remembered it.

But the sea gave an answer to the human’s doubt by saying that the feline had offered him her soul to return to him, but not being able to take away such a noble soul from the world, the sea decided that the Kitty would carry forever a memory on her mantle, that is the foam of her waves both on her and her descendants who would bring harmony and joy in every house in which they would live. This is why there are cats with black and white coats.


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