What is Madrid famous for? What there is to see and what to buy

Vacation in Madrid: what is there to see, what is the city famous for, and what to buy for the perfect souvenir?

Spring, summer, fall, winter… whatever season you choose, Madrid is and always will be an amazing city to discover. There are exhibitions, museums, works of art, breathtaking architecture, history, culture and fun at practically every turn.

What Madrid is famous for

Not forgetting the typical Madrid dishes to taste and savor. But if you’re wondering, in a very simple way, what Madrid is famous for, what are the things to see and what to buy for a dream souvenir, we’re here! We’re ready to give you all the answers you’re looking for!

The city of Madrid, Spain’s capital city, is famous for many things. But if you’re looking for those attractions that you just can’t miss and must see, start with the Royal Palace. This place is definitely the most famous in Madrid as it is about 135,000 square meters, inside there are more than 3000 rooms and it is considered the largest royal palace in Europe. The city is also famous for being the place to admire Guernica, the famous painting by Pablo Picasso kept in the Reina Sofia Museum.

Madrid is also famous for its park, the largest and most impressive green area in the city: Retiro Park. Get ready because this is the right place to take selfies and dreamy photos and rent a boat to take a ride in the artificial lake in total romance.

What to see typically? The Rastro Market
Among the things to see in Madrid and for which it is famous there is definitely the gigantic Rastro Market that takes place every Sunday from 9 am to 3 pm in the La Latina district. The stalls are many, occupying a huge space and growing “wild”. Once it was a flea market, today there is a bit ‘of everything and you can literally let yourself be overwhelmed by a historical and traditional custom at the same time of Madrid. A word of advice? Always beware of pickpockets that can act undisturbed in the chaos of the market.

What to buy in Madrid?

If you want to buy a typical and original souvenir from Madrid at the same time, remember that the bear and the strawberry tree are two typical elements of the city’s coat of arms. So, you could buy the arbutus liqueur, or all the various typical gadgets with the bear as the main subject. Remaining in the food theme in Madrid there is a historic store and among the most famous of the city. This is a confectionery, La Violeta, born in 1915 where you can buy the famous violet candies. Last tip on what to buy in Madrid, if you go to the Mercato del Rastro, in the area there is Casa Hernanz, reality that produces the famous espadrilles shoes for over a century!

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Now you have all the information you need to discover Madrid, find the right souvenir and don’t miss the main attractions the city is famous for!


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