Where to bike: 5 spectacular places in Europe

Ride a bike to discover a city. It’s one of the best ways to visit a new place while having fun. In Europe there are 5 spectacular places to go biking

Forget train, car or plane. The new frontier of travel is the bicycle! Cyclotourism is conquering more and more enthusiasts who are meeting up to ride all together – preferably – along cycle paths all over Europe.

national cycling days

But the bicycle is also the ideal means to discover cities and villages. To have an unusual point of view and also to have fun while visiting a new place. A means that both young and old enjoy. But where to go by bike? Here are 5 spectacular places to visit by bike.

The 5 most beautiful places to see by bike in Europe
Bordeaux – France
Ferrara – Italy
Copenhagen – Denmark
Giethoorn – Holland
Gent – Belgium
It is one of the French cities with more bike lanes: 200 km (124 miles). And it is one of the greenest cities in France. In short, Bordeaux, an enchanting city in the south of France, is perfect to be visited by bike.

You can choose to go around the city center or go out to discover the vineyards of the area and stop for a tasting. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of bike lanes and you will be able to move with total tranquility.

Copenhagen, impossible without a bike
There is only one way to discover Copenhagen and that is by bike. Everyone here rides a bike and you’ll have an irresistible desire to do so too. After all, this is the city of the bicycle and even the timing of traffic lights is calculated on the speed of cyclists.

You’ll have bike paths, parking lots and even an elevated track where you can stroll while enjoying spectacular views.

Ferrara, the Italian city of cycling
Ferrara is the Italian city that competes with those of northern Europe regarding the use of bicycles. In fact, almost half of its citizens use a bicycle every day to get around. And if you visit the city you too can enjoy the pleasure of discovering this enchanting town by pedaling.

In addition to countless city bike paths, there are also bike routes to discover the Po Delta and immerse yourself in nature at the pleasant pace of two wheels.

A bike ride in little Venice
Holland is undoubtedly the queen of Europe in terms of bicycles. By bike, you can get around the big cities like Amsterdam or Rotterdam or discover the Dutch countryside among windmills and tulip fields.

And then you can go and visit the small town of Giethoorn, known as the Venice of the North. The reason for the name is immediately clear: it is totally built on the canals. There are no cars here, only boats and bikes. In fact, thanks to more than 170 bridges, you can enjoy moving between these small islands.

Cycling in Belgium in Gent
Belgium also knows a lot about bicycles. But the town with the highest environmental vocation is the little Gent. This little gem has banned cars since 1996, encouraging public transportation and bicycles. Today, therefore, it is possible to get around Gent and discover its surroundings by bicycle on comfortable and well-equipped bike paths.

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