Where to go at Easter 2022 to save money in Europe

Travel suggestions on where to go at Easter 2022 to save money in Europe. All suggestions.

There are really only a few days left until the Easter vacations. If you have not yet booked your trip, however, you are still in time to grab some last minute opportunities, even for Europe and even saving money.

The travel opportunities are not lacking for sure and thanks to the growing offer for spring from low cost airlines and tour operators, you can still find many proposals.

Here, we point out some of the most beautiful and cheap destinations in Europe to visit at Easter. For vacations full of fun, relaxation, sun, sea, art, cuisine and culture. Many proposals for many types of vacation.

Below is our selection of vacation places to go at Easter 2022 to save money in Europe. Beautiful destinations that have so much to offer. For more tips on your vacations in the old continent, we remind you also the European Best Destinations 2022. Here are the vacation destinations to visit.


Close to home, in the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta is a perfect destination for Easter vacations. With a milder climate than ours, although not yet summer, Malta still offers the opportunity to catch the first sun in light clothing. This period, in particular, is ideal for visiting the masterpieces of architecture and art that its main island holds. The fabulous Temples of Tarscen, the monuments of the capital Valletta, above all the Cathedral of St. John with the works of Caravaggio.

This is also the ideal season for excursions, to discover the natural areas and spectacular bays. Do not miss the boat trips, especially to the Blue Lagoon of the island of Comino.


If you’re looking for Spain, a beautiful and fairly inexpensive destination for Easter is Valencia. The coastal city is connected to Italy by many low cost flights. Here you will find many monuments, both historical and modern to visit, a very wide beach where you can catch the first sun, many events and spring shows but above all excellent cuisine. Here, in fact, the paella was born.

Valencia is an ideal travel destination for families, with many places and activities for children, starting from the central area where you can find the Science Museum, the Oceanographic Park and the Oceanographic Museum. While to the northwest of the center is to visit the beautiful Biopark of Valencia.


The historic coastal city of Kotor (Kotor) overlooks a bay at the end of the inlet on the Adriatic Sea known as the Boka Kotorska Bay in Montenegro. The small Balkan country, sandwiched between Albania, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia and Kosovo, has become a popular vacation destination in recent years. Kotor, then, is an important stop on Adriatic cruises. The city offers spectacular views of the bay and the mountains that surround it and has preserved many Venetian-style buildings. In ancient times, in fact, its territory belonged to the Republic of Venice. In the old town you can admire the ancient Venetian walls and the Catholic Cathedral of St. Tryphon, from the 12th century.


Among the suggestions on where to go at Easter 2022 to save money in Europe, we also point out the always wonderful Prague. Easily accessible with numerous low-cost flights, Prague still offers bargains at a good price. Its marvelous historic center is worth exploring from top to bottom: the Old Town with its spectacular Clock Tower, the Tyn Church, Charles Bridge, the Malá Strana district, Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral.

During the Easter period in Prague, markets are set up with specialties for the holiday, including chocolate bunnies, floral arrangements and arts and crafts. As at Christmas, the Easter market stalls are set up in the central Old Town Square.

Canary Islands

We have already proposed the Canary Islands as a warm destination for Easter vacations, especially the island of Gran Canaria, with the mildest climate. Here, however, we propose a trip that also includes the other islands, where you can immerse yourself in excursions into the wilderness. This, in fact, is the ideal time to explore the impressive volcanic territory of the Canary Islands and their natural parks. The islands that offer the most striking scenery are Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.


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