The 10 most beautiful spas in the world

What are and where are the most beautiful spas in the world?

The spas are undoubtedly a pleasure to indulge in as soon as you can as well as a valuable ally for the treatment of many diseases. And on where to go to the spa you are spoiled for choice.

In fact, all over the world there are thermal water springs that create spectacular and magical places where nature is the protagonist. From Japan to Iceland, there are 10 spas that are the most beautiful in the world. And among them is also Italy.

While it’s true that some of the world’s most beautiful spas are located too far away for a relaxing weekend getaway, others are located closer.

In any case, if you have planned a vacation or a trip to a distant country where particularly beautiful spas are located, don’t miss the opportunity to carve out a space to take care of your well-being on that occasion as well.

The Italian Wonder

The Gorello waterfalls, better known as the Terme del Mulino di Saturnia, are a source of pride for Italy, and attract tourists from all over Europe. If you’re going there in the daytime, bring everything you need for an unforgettable picnic on the lawn, and, between snacks, don’t forget to rub the beneficial mud that covers the bottom of the pools on your face and body.

The Natural Wonder of Japan

Beppu is a city in Japan chosen by 12 million tourists each year for both its hot springs and the natural beauty that surrounds it. It is located within the volcanic island of Kyushu and the best place for you to stay is the Suginoi Hotel, whose sunset thermal pool will leave you speechless.

Uunarquot, the natural pools with iceberg view

They look like small lakes, but they’re not! The geothermal springs in Uunarquot are located a few meters from the sea, where icebergs float and you can admire them while you bathe in the hot water that flows naturally. A unique experience that is difficult to replicate elsewhere.

Puritama Spa in the desert

The Puritama Hot Springs are located north of San Pedro de Acatama, in one of the driest deserts in the world. To reach them you must necessarily have an off-road vehicle, because you have to cross the desert. The experience of crossing such an arid place and then finding yourself immersed in the waters of these springs will be unforgettable.

Here comes the “anti-stress” loan for those over 65 years old

A luxurious spa in the wonder of Tyrol in the Ötztal Alps.

Here you can enjoy a great relaxing treatment with a panoramic view of the mountains. In fact, the glass windows around the center allow a view of the surrounding mountains, allowing you to heal body and soul. To relax at your best, you can freely choose between a whirlpool bed or a magnificent crystal sauna.

Amangiri Spa nestled in the Utah landscape

With a purpose-built environment to blend in with Utah’s lunar landscape and the option of Floatation Therapy, which reduces stress and promotes sleep, a stay at Aman Spa Amangiri is sure to make you feel reborn. In addition to this, many other services dedicated to relaxation and the search for harmony will completely rejuvenate you.

In Turkey one of the places to see at least once

Pamukkale, Turkey

It is one of the most beautiful and unique places in the world, a place that seems unreal. They are the natural pools of Pamukale in Cappadocia. The name means ‘cotton castle’ and it’s easy to understand why: they are pools of very white limestone on the slope of a mountain. The water gushes out at 35 degrees and is very rich in calcium carbonate, hence the sedimentation that makes this place spectacular.

Dream pools in Mexico

The columns, arches and golden vaults that characterize the architecture of this place will immediately make you feel like you’re inside a well-built movie set. If you choose to spend time here, soaking up to your neck in the waters of the Terman San Joaquin Spa will make you forget all your troubles.

In Hungary one of the most beautiful facilities in the world

Of the 18 pools at the Széchenyi Thermal Baths in Hungary, 3 of them are outdoors, and their temperature can even exceed 70°C. The complex consists of a labyrinth of pools, ideal for everyone’s well-being. The first building of these baths dates back to 1881, but, after the 1900s

Blue Lagoon a dream place in Iceland

Only half an hour away from the capital is the Blue Lagoon, whose color is so intense that it almost annoys the eye. It seems unbelievable, but the temperature of this water reaches over 90°C, with peaks of 92°C. Thanks also to the enchanting surrounding lava landscape, these spas are one of the main tourist attractions of the country.

At this point, we imagine that you can’t wait to book a trip or a vacation to enjoy the renowned benefits of the thermal waters. So what are you waiting for? Remember: it’s always a good time and there’s always a good reason to carve out some time for yourself!

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