Almond trees in bloom: where to admire this spectacle of nature

Almond trees in bloom are a real spectacle to be admired: here are 3 places in Italy where it is possible to attend this event.

Spring has arrived and what could be better than admiring the almond trees in bloom in this period? The moment has arrived when almond trees are tinged with pink and this simple act reminds us of the return of nature with the good season.

However this flowering has a short life, that is why it is necessary to take advantage of it and admire them in the moment in which they bloom in all their beauty.

Almond trees in bloom: where to see their flowering in Italy
Almond trees are plants that come from western Asia, but over the years they have spread to the Mediterranean area, thanks to the Greek hand. In the Roman population, in fact, their fruits were called Greek Walnuts. Today in Italy we can admire them and feel their delicacy, here are 3 places where to see them.

Sicily: the Italian kingdom of almonds
The region in Italy for excellence of almonds is Sicily, their cultivation today boasts 48 thousand hectares of the entire island, with a production of 600,000 quintals. Especially in the areas of Agrigento and Val di Noto, between Siracusa and Ragusa.
To date, this region records 80% of all national production and also a level of quality in the world of almonds. The best place to witness their flowering is the Park of the Valley of the Temples with 300 varieties and local ecotypes. In particular in the Garden of Kolymbethra almonds grow, but also oranges, lemons, olives, myrtles, pistachios, pomegranates and prickly pears.

Basilicata and the spectacle of the park of Murgia Materana
In the area of Matera we have the Park of the Murgia Materana which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. An area that has more than 6 thousand hectares with natural beauty and historical value that come from prehistoric times. The Sentiero del Brigante (Bandit’s Path) that runs through the park leads to the almond and olive tree gardens.

Apulia and an expanse of almond trees
Instead, in the Puglia region we have 118,144 hectares in the northeastern part of Puglia, which is called the Sperone d’Italia, and the Tremiti islands. It is a promontory composed of pines and holm oaks, and also of almond tree cultivations. Specifically, we can see almond trees along the Baia delle Zagare, a natural oasis in the southern part of the Gargano National Park, from here it is possible to admire a real expanse of almond trees.

In spring there is the awakening of nature and almond trees in bloom are symbols in this sense to be admired in their best moment.


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