The man obsessed with the TV series “Vikings” who lives like the main characters. Watch the video below!

The man now calls himself Ragnar Kavurson and makes axes and shields

There are some TV series that definitely enter the heart of the public, loved and watched, so much so that many viewers sometimes fantasize about living immersed in the historical era, or the environment, of the protagonists. But generally, we are limited to daydreaming, content to watch television or at the limit to buy merchandising items.

This man instead, after watching and loving the TV series “Vikings”, has decided to start living like a real Viking: it’s bouncing on the media in these weeks the story of Stipe Pleic, 57 years old Bosnian who, in the wake of the TV show, has decided to adopt the lifestyle of the protagonists. The man (who does not have any Nordic origin) has started to call himself Ragnar Kavurson and to manufacture axes. The TV series, it is worth remembering, is set in the ninth century mainly between Scandinavia and the British Isles, and tells in a fictional way the adventures of the Viking warrior Ragnar Lothbrok and other historical characters.

His ‘obsession’, he explained, would have stemmed from a real “Vikings” marathon. After ten years working as a computer scientist in Germany, Stipe returned to Bosnia, started watching the legendary saga of Ragnar Lothbrok and his wife Lagertha, changed his appearance and started making decorated axes and shields.

To Agence France-Presse, Stipe said his favorite season of “Vikings” is the first one, and that his favorite character is the main character, in honor of whom he changed his name. “I have a lot of free time because I live alone here,” he told the media, “and while watching the TV series, I saw the main character’s axe, liked it, and thought I’d make one just like it.

His workshop – decorated with skins and fabrics – is now full of Viking-style axes and shields that cost from 25 to 300 euros, and he sports a long beard and thick braided hair: Stipe actually has another job, he’s a driver, but when he’s not on duty he devotes all his time to his passion and he also dresses in traditional Viking clothes.

“My life has changed, now I have different goals than before,” Stipe confessed to the media, “I was paid more in Germany but I wasn’t satisfied with my life. Now I am. Next steps for him now are organizing an ax-throwing championship (a discipline he practices regularly) and creating an entire Viking-style village for tourists.

Watch the video 

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