The kittens’ father had 7 million views of his adorable encounter with newborn kittens.

Father Cat has received 7 million views for his adorable encounter with his newborn kittens.
“It is impossible to keep a straight face in the presence of one or more kittens.” said Cynthia E. Vernado. She told about the adorable reaction of the Scottish cat when he first saw his newborn kittens in a cozy little crib, playing next to the resting cat mom.

The first acquaintance of the cat with his kittens was captured on a video showing his exciting reaction to meeting with children.

He looks surprised and confused as he approaches the comfortable bed where his family is resting. Since it was the first time he had seen other animals, he didn’t know what his kittens would look like.

When he comes in, he looks happy, but at the same time curious in the first minutes.But soon his doubts were dispelled when his cat wife stretched out her paw to him as if saying: come on, Dad, look at your little children. We made them. We’re a family now!

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