The veterinarian offered to euthanize the kitten with the face of an old man, but the owners gave him a chance.

The baby was born with a harelip and crooked hind legs, but his will to live conquered the owners.

A kitten named Grandpa was born with brothers and sisters:not the first and not the last. The owners immediately noticed the baby’s strange face: it looked wrinkled. The kitten was born with a forked palate.

Unfortunately, that’s not all – the kitten’s hind legs turned out to be shortened and hanging down.

It quickly became clear that, unlike other kittens, this baby does not know how to crawl and push. He can’t even drink from a bottle: because of the forked palate, he chokes all the time.

The owners took the baby and hurried to the veterinarian, hoping that a specialist would be able to tell them how to help a disabled kitten. But the vet shrugged and said that euthanasia is the most humane option.

With proper care, your kitten can grow up and even walk.

Stephanie gave the kitten the name Grandpa – because of his funny wrinkled muzzle and prickly fur on his cheeks, reminiscent of an old man’s hanging mustache.

The veterinarian says that the kitten’s crooked paws can most likely be corrected. The reason is short tendons.

Regular massage will help to make the ligaments more elastic, and the skeleton will gradually return to the correct position.

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