Special Rescue: A bulldog puppy learns to walk again after being rescued from deformity

Despite the huge awareness, laws and the work of many organizations, there are still people who can refuse animals.

Animal Planet TV channel, as the name suggests, specializes in the animal world. They have a lot of shows and a woman named Tia Torres participates in one of them.

One day they received a call warning that the little bulldog was in danger.

The little dog was saved. A lot of people fell in love with him when he started his lessons to learn how to walk. He has a deformity of his legs, apparently due to malnutrition.
The cute little dog was abandoned on the farm, but survived thanks to the farm workers who helped him.
These breeds are usually bred for commercial purposes, so a “damaged” puppy is not needed.

The day after his rescue, they took him to the vet where they were able to diagnose the dog.

The situation didn’t seem particularly serious. But with the growth of the bulldog’s body, things could get worse.
They put bandages on his paws. The treatment will take several months until the little bulldog returns to normal life.

The video has gained more than 55,000 views and hundreds of comments. They are all very excited about the little fighter’s story.

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