The Brazilian saved an unknown weak animal: he gave it to its mother

There is always a place for a kind and selfless act. The other day, a Brazilian named Igor Venancio, as usual, was walking in the park and saw a crowd of children. They enthusiastically examined and discussed the animal lying on the ground.

Here is such a baby.

Monkeys are ordinary residents of this region. Venancio had seen them several times. Like any wild animal, they are afraid of people, but not dangerous.

Monkeys are not very suitable for urban life. Wandering around the city, they are in danger.

So the baby is in danger!

Venancio raised his head and immediately noticed an alarmed monkey on the tree. He ordered the children to disperse to make some space around the baby. But the monkey did not dare to come down from the tree.

And then the man himself took the monkey and brought it to his mother .

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