The owner released a cute white dog into the yard. But a completely different puppy has returned!

Recently, an unusual incident occurred with a Twitter user. More precisely, he was with his dog, which was left unattended for only a few minutes.

The story took place in California, in the city of Palm Springs. The man took a walk with his pet and briefly left him unattended to run for his own pleasure.

Then the owner decided to clean up his yard. But then the man saw his dog, which just shocked him.

This is a pure, snow-white dog, changed beyond recognition. He came back smeared from head to toe.

The owner, of course, immediately took a picture and posted this photo on social networks. The post quickly became popular, and soon about 25,000 comments appeared under the photo.

Users tried to find out what exactly the dog got dirty with. Many have suggested that because of the freshly mown lawn, the animal has become so green.

However, not everyone agrees with this theory, as it is very difficult to believe that grass can give such a bright pigment and completely color the dog’s coat.

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