The girl took the kitten to school because she didn’t want to leave him alone

A charming video showing a sly cat brought to a Chinese language class by its owner is gaining popularity on social networks.

A one-year-old Munchkin cat named Ba Dong became famous on the Internet for not being discovered by the teacher during the entire course, MailOnline reports.

Animal owner Wen, a college student from the northwestern city of Xi’an, uploaded a short clip to the Douyin video-sharing app.

Since Munchkins are known for their short legs, it was not difficult to put him at the table.
The video shows a well-behaved BaDong lying silently on the table as if an animal from the feline family is deliberately trying not to be detected.
It is reported that the teacher discovered the smart cat after the video went viral, gaining more than 300 million views over the weekend.

Sticky Kitten: Ba Dong, whose name translates as “eight meals” because of his big appetite. He didn’t let Van go without him when she was going to class on Friday.

“Ba Dong kept snuggling up to my leg and looked very sad because he wanted me to stay with him,” Wen said.

According to the owner, she was already late and therefore decided to take him to class with her.
The clingy feline animal has gained huge adoration on the Internet, many praise its attractiveness and admire its love for the Ven.

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