A curious dolphin swims near the shore to play with a dog

A dolphin and a dog meet by chance on the beach. It seemed that these two species were unlikely to interact. But it turns out that dogs and dolphins love each other very much. We have noticed many times how they frolic together.

As usual, Anastasia Vinnikova took her dog Patrick for a walk on the beach.

And then they meet: a dog and a dolphin.The duo enjoyed the sunset over Opuk Beach on the Black Sea coast in Crimea. Anastasia immediately noticed a flock of dolphins swimming very close to the beach. But she couldn’t imagine that they could get any closer.

Suddenly one of the dolphins swam up to the beach.Almost reaching the shore, it tried to attract the dog’s attention.The mischievous dog instantly became fascinated by the friendly sea creature.It didn’t take them long to join the game. They were frolicking merrily, like little children.

The spontaneous meeting lasted several minutes. The dolphin swam in the sea, and then swam to the beach several times. As a result, Patrick almost managed to touch the tail of a marine mammal.

This emotional moment was filmed and published online by Anastasia.

No one was injured in the clip. Dolphins swim to the shore to catch fish.

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