The story of the rescue of a puppy who was twice threatened with danger!

Two road workers went to the bridge over the creek in the Garden of Ely, Kentucky, to inspect the site for future work. Their eyes were immediately attracted by a large dirty bag in the water, from which the puppy’s head was sticking out.

The baby was holding on to the icy water with the last of his strength.The workers rescued the baby and quickly took him to the vet.But the veterinarian did not give a chance that he would survive.

Hypothermia, exhaustion, stress.But that’s not the worst part.

The bag was stuffed with stones, about a dozen kg, and even tied up for reliability.

The puppy was very lucky that the evil man got greedy and took an old battered bag – by a miracle the dog managed to squeeze through the hole in the bag and hold his muzzle above the water.

The puppy acted instinctively. The vet quickly discovered that the dog was born deaf and blind.

Is this the cause of drowning?

The dog was named Chapel. He turned out to be an Australian Shepherd.

Chapelwas found to have a rare mutation. Externally, it appears in the white color of the coat with rare and beautiful spots.As a result,it was this mutation that caused deafness and blindness.

In addition, this breed of dog is very hardy.So after Chapel warmed up, he suddenly started showing signs of activity and asking for food.

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