A herd of elephants came to cool off in a pool in South Africa

In these incredible photos, a herd of wild elephants drink water from the pool to cool off a little in the sweltering 38-degree heat. The photos were taken by 34-year-old Paul Andrew Garfield, who worked for 10 years in the Zamakhala Nature Reserve, South Africa.

During this time, the elephants began to trust Paul and calmly came themselves and brought other elephants to the pool with them so that they could drink water.

Incredibly, elephants come every three to four days, using water from the pool, which is considered the best source of water in the area.

Paul said:

“Chlorine does not harm elephants in any way. Elephants have a poor digestive system and therefore any unnatural solution in the pool water essentially passes through their body without being absorbed.”





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