A 7-year-old boy is praised for his epic comeback in response to a woman claiming that only girls wear nail polish.

While older generations tend to resist the idea that dresses are not exclusively for girls and that bathrooms should not be restricted to one gender, the younger generation has no qualms about challenging these societal norms.

A TikTok video shared by Aaron (@daddyfiles) captured the heartwarming moment when a seven-year-old boy remembered being told that boys shouldn’t wear nail polish.

The video begins with the young boy proudly displaying his freshly painted nails, matching his football training jersey.

His father, Aaron, compliments him, saying, “You look great, buddy.”

Like any curious parent, Aaron asks his son how the training went. The boy hesitates for a moment before revealing that another child’s mother had told him that only girls were allowed to wear nail polish.

“And what did you say?” Aaron asked.

The boy confidently replied, “I told her that your mom was mad at her because I had more taste.”

After praising his son for standing up for himself, Aaron turned the camera back to deliver a powerful message.

“Anyone can wear nail polish, even football players, even baseball players, everyone,” he said. “Let’s stop the nonsense.”

Many TikTok users rallied behind Aaron’s stance and expressed support for his son.

“Kids like this give me hope for the future. What a great dad,” one user wrote.

“Way to go, buddy! I wish I had that much confidence when I was in school,” another person shared.

Another TikTok user shared an interesting fact: “In some cultures, warriors used to paint their nails before battle as part of their war attire! Who says boys can’t wear nail polish? If you like having your nails painted, go ahead! We need to stop imposing on people what they can or can’t do based on their gender.”

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