Shaun Weiss, a once-famous young actor from the 1990s, has had a tumultuous journey in recent years. He gained recognition for his roles in movies like Mighty Ducks and Heavyweights.

However, his life took a dark turn as he grappled with drug addiction, ultimately leading to his arrest in California in 2020 on burglary charges.

The subsequent mugshot of Weiss circulated widely on social media, revealing his stark transformation from a beloved child actor to a frail-looking offender.

At the time of his arrest, the 41-year-old Weiss was discovered in a vehicle parked in someone’s garage. He was taken into custody by the police after allegedly breaking the passenger window to gain access.

But Weiss is now back in the spotlight after seeking treatment at a rehab facility called Quest 2 Recovery, and this time, he’s proudly showcasing how his life has turned around.

The former child star claims to have been sober for just over three years. He humorously commented, “I’ll just let you know, when they take your mug shot, they’re not using any Instagram filters down at the station,” referring to his previous arrest.

In January of next year, Weiss will celebrate four years of sobriety, and he has also taken on a role as a coach at Quest 2 Recovery.

“That’s really the thing I’m proudest of,” Weiss expressed. “I’ve had a lot of accomplishments, but this recovery thing is really my proudest accomplishment.”

He added, “Being able to look at the trauma I went through through the lens of trying to be creative, and to do comedy, has just been a game-changer. And people find my story inspiring, so I just kind of tell my story, and I try to do that — in a funny way, though. It’s fulfilling for me.”

The 45-year-old also shared insights into the struggles faced by those with loved ones battling heroin addiction.

“As drug addicts, we tend to burn our bridges and push people close to us away,” Weiss explained. “But really, because I didn’t have a strong support system or family to pull me back, that’s how I became untethered and ended up on the streets.”

Drug addiction is an incredibly challenging issue, and the feeling of isolation only exacerbates it. Weiss’s story of redemption and resilience is truly heartwarming, and it serves as an inspiration to many. Fans of his work, such as in Mighty Ducks, can appreciate his remarkable journey to recovery from a near-death experience.

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