The bride receives a strange call at the church – she immediately leaves without saying a word.

Many little girls dream of their wedding day. They always imagine what they will wear, what the orchestra will play, and, of course, who their groom will be.

On Sarah Ray’s big day in Tennessee, she did something that no one expected. Keep reading to find out more.

Sarah Ray was ready for her big day in Tennessee. She had donned her beautiful white wedding dress and was prepared to exchange vows and make her fiancé her husband.

However, as the wedding was underway, the bride received a call. She answered the call and, without saying a word, hastily left her wedding. No one understood what had happened.

She left the church filled with people who were waiting to witness her wedding. Her fiancé, who was waiting for her to walk down the aisle, decided to forgive her hasty exit, perhaps because he knew she must have had a good reason to do so.

A photo shared by hundreds of people shows the bride running on the road in her wedding dress. The reason for her sudden departure is very understandable.

Just as she was about to walk down the aisle, she received an unfortunate phone call informing her that her father and grandmother had been in a car accident. She knew she couldn’t abandon her family and decided to run away.

She grabbed a pair of flat shoes, put them on, and headed towards her family. Sarah, being a nurse by profession, her instinct to save lives kicked in immediately, and she knew she had to hurry to be with her family in case they needed medical assistance.

When she arrived at the scene of the accident, she realized that everything was fine. She was relieved to learn that her family had not suffered any harm as she had feared.

With her family, she returned to the church so that the wedding could proceed as planned.

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It’s such a relief to know that the family arrived safely at the church. It must have been challenging for the bride to receive such a worrying call at such a critical moment in her life.

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