Millions of women around the world envy her – what the wife of the most handsome Arab man in the world looks like.

As it turned out, Omar’s heart is taken.

The young man has a lawful spouse. By the way, the model’s fans did not appreciate Omar’s choice. According to internet users, Yasmin is too plain; they believe she pales in comparison to the chosen one.

Omar pays no heed to gossip and cherishes his chosen one, who recently gave him an heir. “And what did he find in her?” “Not glamorous,” “They don’t look good together,” – such comments do not affect him.

“She’s not a match for him,” “The guy is much more handsome than his wife,” “Unimpressive,” “Plain Jane,” “Thanks to the plastic surgeon, it must be said,” – Internet users write such comments under the photos of the couple.

What do you say?

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