Euthanasia: Françoise Hardy, 78 years old, who can barely speak, fights for her final wish.

The famous singer Françoise Hardy, now aged 78, is not in good health. She has lost the ability to speak and is seriously suffering from cancer. She wants to be euthanized in France, but the law does not allow it. Despite her suffering, she continues to fight for this right.

“Françoise Hard has ‘already suffered so much physically’ that she ‘fears that death may bring about even greater physical suffering.’ She is a woman in distress but still finds enjoyment in life, and she has submitted a request to the French authorities: the right to assisted suicide.”

At this stage of her life, she is not afraid of death, but she is very afraid of pain. She is especially afraid of being “separated from the two people she loves the most.” Her son, Thomas Dutronc, and her former partner, Jacques Dutronc, who remained close despite the breakup.

Until now, only her former partner and her son bring her joy in life. She no longer wants to confront her illness and would even prefer to “fall asleep” rather than wake up. Her condition appears to be deteriorating, and she is “close to the end.”

Françoise Hardy is not afraid of death and has already thought about how she wants to die. Her first wish was to be killed. Her second wish is to die in France, her home country. Unfortunately, France does not allow assisted suicide if she chooses to do so.

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