There are three pictures of a football. One ball is different from the other two in the picture. Which one is different?

We have three images of a football. You must search which ball is different among these. You have 10 seconds to solve this puzzle.

Look at the image very attentively. You can zoom in to critically observe the three images. Do you see something different in any of the images? If so, you might be close to finding the answer to this puzzle.

Only 1 out of 10 highly detail-oriented people could solve this puzzle in less than 10 seconds. You must be extremely observant and smart if you spot the difference in the images.

Look at the images very carefully and try to remember the details of each to compare them. Use your short-term memory to solve this puzzle.

Bravo! If you spotted a different football in less than 10 seconds. You are a puzzle champion who has the greatest observation skills.
However, if you are still trying to find the different balls, check the answer below. It is the ball C.
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