Only true geniuses can find how many holes are in the T-shirt within 9 seconds

This brain teaser is a tough nut to crack. If you want to solve this, you have to find how many holes are in the T-shirt.

The image above is that of a torn t-shirt. This brain teaser puzzle is quite bizarre since it is pretty different from what we have done before.

Nonetheless, it is still beneficial for you as it will test your logical and reasoning skills.

Moreover, solving this puzzle requires you to use your common sense, which in turn will test your intelligence quotient (IQ).

As you already know, you have only 9 seconds to solve this riddle, so go and grab your phone. Set the timer to 9 seconds and begin.

This brain teaser puzzle asked you to find how many holes there were in the torn T-shirt.

Were you able to solve this problem? In case, you were not, look no further, here is the solution:




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