Optical illusion. Find the 7 Differences in These Postcards

Riddles that cha-llenge us to spot di-fferences between 2 similar images activate our co-ncentration power to the maximum: they put our eyes and brain to work. This is great because training our minds is as im-portant as ex’ercising our muscles.

Spot the difference can be a fru-strating exercise at the best of times, but this game is extra tough. The series of se-emingly id-entical photos all contain a few subtle dif-ferences, and some are almost impossible to spot. So Find the differences in this picture.

The Answer is:

Shared by Pla-ybuzz, the images depict classic scenes like Big Ben, as well as some ev-eryday settings. The Playbuzz caption reads: “They say only a genius can find them…. are you feeling smart?”IQ, short for int’elligence quotient, is a measure of a person’s re’asoning ability.

Let’s try the second one. Find the di-fferences b’etween these pictures.

The answer is:

In short, it is supp-osed to gauge how well someone can use info»rmation and logic to answer que’stions or make predictions.IQ tests also can help identify students who would do well in fast-paced “gifted ed-ucation” programs.

Many coll-eges and universities also use exams similar to IQ tests to select students. Think that you’re observant enough to spot the subtle differences between pictures? Get your eyes ready bec-ause this is tricky. This spot the difference pi-ctures will have you in for a treat.

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