This biker was driving down the highway when he saw a man beating his dog

This biker has proven himself to be a good-hearted person. He handed over his belongings to save an abused puppy.

The man was driving his motorcycle down the highway in Texas to meet his father.

Then Brandon Turnbow noticed a truck pulled up on the side of the road whose driver was beating up a little Jack Russell dog.

He was very shocked and wanted to approach this brutal guy to teach him a good lesson. But the man immediately left, leaving the frightened puppy on the sidewalk.

Turnbow turned around, fearing the dog might rush into traffic, but it didn’t move.

He approached him slowly and took him in his arms. The little creature shuddered at the unexpected behavior of its owner.

So the biker understood that he couldn’t leave him on the busy highway, alone and without help.

He wrapped him in his jacket to help him feel safe. Fortunately, the puppy trusted him.

And so that the baby was not afraid, before leaving, he turned on the vehicle, so that he got used to the roar of the engine.

Noticing that the little Jack Russell was already feeling comfortable, Turnbow put him in his bag.

The dog was looking at him with his big eyes sitting in the bag and the man had a crush.

Then he met his father, who was also on a motorcycle, and together they rode 45 miles to Turnbow’s house.

Brandon posted on his Facebook page the story of the little dog he rescued on the highway and who is now not only his buddy, but also his co-driver.

“And I now have a co-pilot. Meet Mr. Davidson,” he wrote.

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