This 77-year-old school janitor who has never celebrated her birthday was called into the hall

Frances Buzzard had worked for a long time at Belle Elementary, a school in West Virginia.

This hardworking and conscientious woman always kept the school clean and was esteemed by teachers and schoolchildren.

Madame Buzzard had a difficult childhood. She was born into a poor family where her birthday had never been celebrated.

And when she grew up, she continued not to celebrate her birthday and no one knew about it, except the school cook.

And this time, his friend the cook announced to his colleagues “the secret” of Buzzard, the date of his birthday.

And the staff decided to throw a party dedicated to the kind janitor’s 77th birthday.

Suddenly, Buzzard heard his name over the loudspeaker calling to him in the school’s hall.

The woman thought we were going to ask her to clean the place.

When she entered the room, she was very surprised. The room was full of students, teachers and other school workers.

There were balloons and party signs, prepared by the school children.

Buzzard was so moved that she lost the ability to speak.

She even received a crown and sat between the students, on a special chair like a queen.

We screened a video specially prepared for her.

We sang songs wishing him happy birthday. We served him good cupcakes.

Buzzard would never forget his party which was thrown for the first time in his life.

The woman said her officially celebrated first birthday is a wonderful, memorable event.

This organized party was a great reward for her dedication and really, the concierge deserved to be pampered.

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