Giant Husky Wins 4M Hearts After First Meeting With New Baby Brother

Fur parents find immense joy when their furry and human babies develop a strong bond, as it truly completes their family. However, reaching that point can be anxiety-inducing, as concerns may arise about the dog and baby’s initial interactions. Will the baby cry or show discomfort around the dog? Will the dog exhibit aggression or fear towards the tiny human? Fortunately, experiences documented in countless dog and baby videos have shown that such scenarios are rare.

Teddy the Husky shares his home with his siblings, Phil and Niko, both Malamutes, and his feline brother, Milo, who considers himself part of the Malamute pack. They reside alongside their human parents and their human sister, Amelia. In a heartwarming video, the dogs have the opportunity to meet their newest family member, their baby brother.

Before the introduction, the dogs needed some time to calm down and adjust. To ensure the baby’s safety and prevent overwhelming the dogs, the parents decided to introduce them one by one. This approach also reduces the likelihood of the dogs becoming overly excited and potentially causing harm to each other or the baby.

The parents did an exceptional job preparing the dogs for meeting their baby brother. They allowed the dogs to familiarize themselves with the baby’s clothes and hats, as they had already sensed their mom’s pregnancy and knew that a significant change was coming to their household and lives. Additionally, the baby’s stroller was brought out for the dogs to inspect and sniff, further acclimating them to the new addition.

In the video, Teddy is the first to meet his baby brother. Dad holds the baby in the sitting area, and Teddy approaches, initially sniffing the air and then sniffing the baby. Teddy’s curiosity is evident as he wonders who this little one is and why he doesn’t have fur all over his body.

Dad keeps a hand on Teddy’s head to prevent him from becoming overly excited. Remarkably, Teddy seems to understand the need to remain calm and composed while being by his brother’s side. He climbs up on the couch, lies down beside his dad, and even licks his dad’s face. However, when it comes to his baby brother, Teddy simply observes and sniffs, still trying to make sense of this new tiny human.

Perhaps Teddy’s confusion stems from trying to understand this unfamiliar being. However, Teddy recognizes that if his parents trust the baby, maybe he’s not so bad after all.

If you want to witness Teddy’s full reaction upon seeing his new baby brother, the video provides an adorable glimpse into this heartwarming encounter.

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