A woman discovers that her “Dahlia” flowers have turned into a frog hotel

In Snohomish, Washington, the arrival of spring is marked in a unique way for Allison Lamb. While most people notice the melting snow and blooming flowers, Allison recognizes the season’s arrival through the presence of her noisy neighbors – a group of adorable frogs. As the weather gets warmer, the frogs start croaking, signaling the beginning of the season of growth.

Allison is the owner of the Snohomish Lavender Farm, and she has noticed that her farm attracts a vibrant and abundant population of frogs. These frogs are incredibly active and can be found climbing up walls and exploring her hanging flower baskets. It is not uncommon for Allison to come across a frog or two hopping around her house. However, one day while inspecting her flower garden, she had an extraordinary encounter. She discovered a frog peacefully resting inside a dahlia flower.

This sight took Allison by surprise, as she had never witnessed anything like it before. She was delighted to find a frog taking a nap in one of her dahlias. With over 200 dahlias growing on her farm, she was amazed at how these flowers served as perfectly sized hotels for the small creatures. Sometimes, she would encounter more than 10 frogs seeking shelter among her flowers.

During the spring and summer seasons, Allison and her children would spend their mornings searching for pacific tree frogs in the flower garden. It became an exciting and entertaining activity for them. As time went on, they realized that the frogs were not simply using the dahlia petals for fun; they were actually playing a crucial role in maintaining the health and vitality of the flower garden.

The frogs were feeding on harmful bugs, acting as natural pest control and doing Allison a favor. She enjoys seeing these tiny creatures nestled inside her beautiful flowers, their green faces peeking out. However, it is bittersweet for Allison when they leave at the end of summer, as they stay in the flowers until the first frost arrives and the flowers wither. Nevertheless, she knows they will return again in the springtime, and she hopes her flower hotel will once again be filled with these welcomed guests next year.

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