McDonald’s is launching a €215 wedding package, to get married while eating nuggets and Big Macs

It is now possible to get married at McDo with an all-inclusive package. Details.

In love with fast food and your spouse? Why choose ?

If you’ve always dreamed of getting married while enjoying a good burger as a wedding meal, you’ll be delighted to learn that you can very well reconcile the two, provided you live in… Indonesia.

The McDonald’s brand has just launched a special wedding package at 200 pounds (about 215 euros) in its fast-food restaurants in Jakarta, with a meal including 100 McChicken, 100 boxes of nuggets or 100 Big Macs.

If the offer is currently only available in the Indonesian capital, it could be extended to other cities and other countries if successful in the future. If the meal is well provided by McDonald’s, the service does not include the rental of the restaurant, as specified by Rizki Haryadi, a local executive of the sign, interviewed by the Sun.

” The package does not cover hosting a wedding at a McDonald’s restaurant , only food, such as catering, with prices starting at £185 for a minimum purchase of 200 products (… ) There are also other service options, where we can also provide food stalls at an additional cost ”, confirms the interested party.

This special wedding package already exists in China and more precisely in Hong Kong, where the initiative was launched in 2011. Since then, the success of this formula has not been denied.

” We started this program because many customers were telling us that they had started dating at McDonald’s (…) McDonald’s is where their love story was born (…) This link is exactly the reason why they want to organize their wedding parties and even birthdays at McDonald’s, to relive sweet beginnings and complete the loop of their romantic history , “explained one of the spokespersons for the brand in 2014.

Unlike the Indonesian formula, the package in Hong Kong offers several options and in particular a luxury one, the price of which amounts to 9,999 HK dollars (i.e. 1,290 US $ or 1,187 €).

This package allows, among other services, to rent a restaurant for two hours and to benefit from a master of ceremonies.

The great luxury!

The French who dream of getting married in this way will however have to be patient, because the establishment of such a package in our country is not on the agenda.

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