Covered in 800 tattoos, this mom can’t find a job and thinks it’s because of her looks

Tattoos can be a hindrance when looking for work. This is the case for Melissa Sloan, tattooed from head to toe, all of whose applications end in a refusal.

While tattoos are becoming more and more popular, they continue to be a problem in the world of work. Melissa Sloan, a 48-year-old mother, has experienced this. This Welsh woman is covered in tattoos from head to toe.

She currently has over 800 tattoos that cover her entire body and face. The 40-something gets tattooed every week by her partner Luke, in their own home.

Unemployed, Melissa is actively looking for work but her applications always lead to a refusal. If Melissa is never hired, she’s convinced it’s because of her looks .

“I can’t find a job, I’m never taken. I applied for a job cleaning a toilet where I live and they didn’t hire me because of my tattoos. I had a job once but it didn’t last long. But if someone offers me a job tomorrow, I’ll go to work, I’ll take that offer ,” she said.

Excluded because of her tattoos
Melissa is therefore unemployed and lives on government benefits. Despite the many refusals she faces, she is still actively looking for work.

In addition to being a hindrance in the professional world, Melissa’s numerous tattoos exclude her from certain events. For example, she cannot attend religious ceremonies for Christmas with her family. For her, going to school to attend her children ‘s performances is impossible because she faces the disapproving looks of teachers and parents. Melissa is also barred from several bars and tattoo shops. To continue getting tattooed every week, she can only count on Luke.

“Tattoo parlors have closed the door to me, tattoo artists won’t let me in. They don’t tattoo me because they say I’ve gone too far ,” she explained.

Despite all this, Melissa does not intend to slow down and continues to get tattooed one or more times a week.

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