This great chef bans vegans from his restaurant and sparks a lively debate on the web

A cook has sparked heated debate in Australia after banning vegans from his restaurant.

It’s an open secret, veganism is far from unanimous and it’s little to say.

If it is not for us to judge everyone’s diets, it is clear that the habits of vegans crystallize a certain number of tensions, without us really knowing why.

The subject has recently been the subject of a lively debate on the web following the radical decision taken by a restaurateur who banned vegans from his establishment located in Australia .

A famous British chef based in Connolly, in the northern suburbs of Perth, John Mountain has thus chosen to no longer serve vegans.

And if the latter are no longer in the odor of sanctity in his restaurant , it is because one of them criticized the quality of his service.

It all started when this customer posted a negative comment on Facebook, criticizing the price and the lack of dishes adapted to her diet.

“ My only choice was the vegetable dish… it was good but not satisfying enough… and I was shocked to see that it cost 32 dollars (about 20 euros editor’s note) ” cursed the young woman in remarks reported by the Daily Mail.

” I think it’s extremely important these days that restaurants can cater for everyone and not being able to offer real vegan meals shows your shortcomings as a chef (…) I hope to see improvements in your menu, because I’ve lived in Connolly for a while and I’ve seen many restaurants come and go in this area, but none of them lasted, ” added this customer, visibly upset.

The story could have ended there, but this comment was not to the liking of John Mountain, who decided to respond to him by posting a vitriolic message.

“ As vegans/vegetarians are a very small minority, especially in the northern districts (of Perth), I try to accommodate everyone else. Thank you for your negative comment… do not hesitate to share your bad experience and I hope never to see you again. It’s very childish. You and all your vegan friends can go and enjoy your meals in another restaurant. You are now banned ,” the chef said.

John Moutain then reaffirmed his decision to ban his restaurant to vegans, citing the ” mental health ” of the latter (screenshot below).

In the process, this message provoked a lively debate on the web between supporters of veganism and their opponents.

In addition, many Internet users have harshly rated the restaurant of John Mountain, who told a local media that these negative reviews ” really hurt ” his establishment.

A situation that has also made him come out of his hinges.

“ Seriously, I’m done with vegans, it’s not what I want to do (like cooking)”, he retorted. according to the Daily Mail.

Shocking words that should not fail to make people react!

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