A man adopts an orphan cat and takes him on a motorcycle road trip to explore the world

Martin Klauka, a 32-year-old German explorer, took in Mogli, a young orphan cat, during a trip to Morocco with friends. Since then, Martin and Mogli have formed an unusual duo and traveled the world.

Martin has found himself an ideal traveling companion for his road trip across the planet. Mogli, her young black and white cat adopted some time earlier, is now installed in a bag on the front of her Honda motorcycle .

After quitting his job, Martin embarked on a road trip in August 2017, with Mogli by his side. The two friends crossed the Mediterranean Sea to reach Iran then the United Arab Emirates, passing through 10 countries to finally reach Dubai in December of the same year.

And since then, nothing has changed, except the landscapes. Mogli stays safe in Martin’s satchel, only a few times poking his head out to look at the landscape.

When the duo decides to explore a city for longer, Mogli climbs on Martin’s shoulders and observes restaurants, shops, streets… When Martin and Mogli return to their camp, a second trip is offered to Mogli who ” goes exploring for hours, sometimes even a whole day ,” Martin tells The Dodo .

A habit that the black and white feline has taken in addition to each new arrival in a camp, just to make sure that there are no dogs or a close danger for the duo. A skill that perfectly suits Martin who rests on his feline when he can no longer find the road to his aunt.

“ Normally she stays close to the campsite when I go shopping or visiting the surroundings, but sometimes when it is a safe place and there are no cars, dogs or other cats, she is following me. Most of the time, I follow her, though ,” Martin confesses.

Despite the difficulties that strewn their way, including finding accommodation and crossing borders, Martin and Mogli know they can count on each other. “ I’m happy with where I am in my life and happy to have taken her. Glad to have gotten through all of that ,” says Martin.

The two friends continue to travel the world and you can follow their adventures on Instagram.

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