To help his blind dog regain her joy of living, he travels 1800 kilometers with her

In 2019, a blind dog and her owner hiked 1800 kilometers. The goal? To prove to the furball that she was still capable of lifting mountains despite her handicap.

Katana is a real fighter! A few years ago, this Shiba Inu dog went blind. Despite his handicap, the ball of hair traveled with his master a trail of 1800 kilometers. This ordeal allowed her to regain her self-confidence.

In the past, Katana and his master Kyle formed a duo of experienced hikers . Together they completed the Appalachian Trail (3000 kilometers) and the Pacific Crest Trail (3500 kilometers).

However, the second journey ended on a delicate note: the pooch lost his sight due to glaucoma, a chronic eye disease caused by damage to the optic nerve. And the least we can say is that Katana’s personality has completely changed.

“She was very cautious and shy about doing anything. She seemed insecure ,” Kyle told The Dodo news site. Faced with this situation, the latter decided to restore his confidence in the most beautiful way.

To do this, the young man and the dog traveled the Florida Trail. At the time, this hiking trail was “a perfect playground to help Katana come to terms with his new situation” .

In total, the two adventurers walked more than 1800 kilometers in less than three months. This journey through Florida was not an easy task between muddy roads, swamps or even alligators and snakes.

Despite the difficulties, Katana demonstrated how brave and strong she was. The latter walked freely for 400 kilometers. For his part, Kyle did not hesitate to wear it to relieve her.

“I don’t know how she did it, but she could guide me perfectly on the trail, without hitting a single obstacle while taking into account every turn ,” he told the American media. ” She went from being a shy and cautious bitch to a confident and curious bitch.”

One thing is certain: the Shiba Inu loved every second of freedom. This extraordinary experience also changed Kyle’s life: “It was moving to see her act as if nothing had changed” .

Since this epic, the blindness of the dog is only a distant memory: “ I will continue to take her until she can no longer. We are both living a dream”.

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