United States: an alcoholic motorist changes places with his dog to escape a police check

Four days ago, a funny scene occurred in Colorado (United States): a drunk driver tried to escape a control by switching places with his dog.

All means are good when they are effective. Well almost. And it is not this motorist from Colorado ( United States ) who would dare to say the opposite. On May 13, the latter was arrested by the Springfield police for speeding.

It must be said that the driver was traveling at 84 km/h, in an area limited to 48 km/h. But that’s not all ! Officers at the scene noticed that the man, who was accompanied by his dog , was intoxicated. Faced with this situation, the individual tried to get out of it as best he could.

Indeed, he tried to “switch places with his pet who was in the passenger seat, while the police officer was about to carry out a check “, said the police department of the city. of Colorado on Facebook.

Also according to the authorities, the man claimed that he was not driving. Worse still, he did not hesitate to flee when an officer asked him if he had been drinking. He was then apprehended about twenty meters from his vehicle.

As specified by the Daily Mail, the driver was taken to a hospital before being imprisoned in Baca County Jail, Colorado. He has since been charged with driving under the influence, speeding and resisting arrest.

For his part, the doggie was handed over to a friend of his owner: “ The animal is not the subject of any charges and we let him go with a simple warning ”, commented the police with humor. What pass to the dog the desire to take the wheel.

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