This photo of a tigress accompanied by her 5 babies is a victory for the animal cause

The viral photo of a tigress and her cubs that you will discover in this article is a real beacon of hope for animal rights activists. The image, captured by Siddharth Singh, safari organizer in India’s Dudhwa National Park, quickly went viral on Twitter.

A largely understandable craze given the beauty of the shot. The latter was particularly shared after being posted online by Parveen Kaswan. He works for the Indian Forest Service and is a member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, so he was particularly pleased with what he saw in the photo. Indeed, if for the untrained eye it is simply a beautiful photo of a tigress with her cubs, for those working in the field of conservation, this image is a positive sign that their efforts are paying off fruits.

“We have been following this particular tigress for four years. We call her Beldanda, after the forest drive where she is usually seen. She can easily be compared to Machali, the tigress of Ramthambore, as she is extremely receptive to tourists and often walks the road intended for tour vehicles. We were able to film her when she was sitting on the road and she didn’t panic although she saw us. After a few moments, she called her cubs and we learned that she had given birth to five cubs,” the photographer told our Times of India colleagues.

Taken in the Kishanpur nature reserve, where the Dudhwa national park reserve is located, the photo shows five tiger cubs trotting happily alongside their mother. Until then, nothing extraordinary, some would say. But the fact that there are five is significant, because the average litter usually only has three pups. Siddharth Singh captured the now world-famous snap while visiting the park with his son when it opened for the season. Crossing paths with the tiger family , he was the first to document the birth of the babies.

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