8 out of 10 women would be more attracted to men with tattoos, according to a study

According to a study carried out by an extra-marital dating site, women are mostly more attracted to tattooed men.

When looking for someone to share your life with, you can register on a dating site to find compatible people. However, it is not always easy to find what can appeal to the opposite sex, in order to maximize your chances. For this, the extra-marital dating site Gleeden recently conducted a study on a panel of 5,000 heterosexual women, in couples or married, in order to find out their preferences in terms of tattoos .

This survey revealed that women would be more attracted to tattooed men.

However, 27% of them said that their attraction would depend on the tattoo in question.

According to the study, 81% of women surveyed would be attracted to men who have a drawing on their arm, i.e. around 8 out of 10 women. According to the Gleeden site, 58% of women would find that a tattooed man would be more virile . Thus, tattoos would refer to the image of the “bad boy”, a notion that attracts many women.

Additionally, 73% of women surveyed would prefer large tattoos that cover a full area of ​​the body, over small tattoos. Only 32% of respondents would like more discreet tattoos.

While this study can help you find out what women are looking for, beware: this is a survey only, and does not reflect each person’s opinion. Finally, it is very important to think carefully before getting tattoos, because they are permanent.

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