Born after 22 weeks of pregnancy, this baby weighed only 300 grams, but he survived

A very premature baby has survived defying all odds in Britain. This is the great story of the day.

Premature babies are part of what are called the miracles of life ! Cat Gomez knows this better than anyone. This British mother has indeed given birth to one of the earliest infants in the history of the United Kingdom.

Her child was born at 22 weeks pregnant and weighed only 300 grams at birth, the equivalent of a… can of beans.

Now almost 7 months old, little Oliver has finally reached a normal weight and people think he is a newborn.

But this little guy has come a long way, as his short history has been punctuated with pitfalls.

No sooner had he been born than the doctors were pessimistic, especially since his twin brother Joseph, born 12 minutes apart, had only survived four days.

“ We had prepared for the worst, but Oliver was so combative. We couldn’t have been prouder ,” his mom told the Insider site.

The latter had, however, lived a pregnancy after all trivial until the fifth month, when she fell ill, which precipitated the delivery. After giving her a CT scan, doctors explained to Cat and her husband that the amniotic sac might be leaking.

At this stage, the latter were hardly optimistic and the premature death of little Joseph, which occurred a few days later, would confirm their fears.

Admitted to neonatology in the meantime, Cat, worried, was expectant!

“ A specialist told us that the survival rate for a single pregnancy born at 22 weeks was really low. Since they were twins, the chances were practically non-existent ”, explains Cat, who was able to count on the unwavering support of her husband Tom.

On January 13, Cat gave birth to her premature twins at Royal Preston Hospital in Lancashire.

It was first Oliver who showed up, followed by Joseph who unfortunately did not survive.

“ The boys were rushed to intensive care in plastic bags to keep them warm and dry. I needed an operation because my placenta wouldn’t come off and I was bleeding heavily. But I was terrified of not having the chance to meet the boys alive because I was in the OR ,” says Cat.

Although smaller, Oliver was the strongest. Joseph, on the other hand, suffered from a cerebral hemorrhage and the doctors explained to his parents that he would be very seriously handicapped if he survived.

Faced with the urgency of the situation, Cat and Tom then took the very difficult decision to stop the care of Joseph, who therefore died shortly afterwards.

“ We were able to hold Joseph in our arms for the first and last time. The hospital sent us a photographer and they managed to get him into Oliver’s incubator. We got a photo of them holding hands ,” says Cat, not without some emotion.

But the mourning gradually gave way to the happiness of having Oliver, who overcame all the hardships. From now on, this beautiful 7-month-old baby is definitely out of the woods and lives normally to the great happiness of his parents.

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