Born in prison, she won her entrance to Harvard and made her relatives proud

Here is one, a great success story. Aurora Sky Castner is currently making headlines in the US, presenting herself as a fine example of success: despite a difficult life course, this young woman is in the process of realizing her promises and her dreams, even returning to Harvard.

We are not all housed in the same boat. For Aurora Sky Castner, her journey was decidedly difficult: born in prison and raised by her single father with bipolarity, this young woman of eighteen grew up in poverty. Nevertheless, her ironclad determination paves her way for the moment paved with gold.

Aurora Sky Castner is an 18-year-old Texan and is making a big splash this week: you can see her in many photos, accompanied by her father and mentor, beaming with pride after graduating from high school with flying colors . She actually got a “summa cum laude” (the equivalent of a “very good” mention for the baccalaureate) and better still, she has just obtained a scholarship to go to the prestigious Harvard Law School .

Born in a penitentiary while her mother was serving a sentence and raised by a bipolar father, this “daily reader” quickly took refuge in reading and studies . So to speak, she already promised herself, in elementary school, to do everything to go to Harvard despite her living environment.

The one who was also a medalist from the Academy of Health Professions and Sciences at Conroe High School thus experienced a most jovial end-of-year ceremony, surrounded by her father and her mentor, Mona Hamby. The latter also returned to their meeting: “I had been given some information about her. Her hero was Rosa Parks, her favorite food was tacos from Dairy Queen and she loved to read. I thought it looked like a bright little girl.”

And she was not mistaken. Hamby has truly made a quasi-maternal figure, also getting involved in her academic and societal success. “This girl put in all the hard work and dedication it took ,” she adds.

A great example of success, although his career is not yet over: he still has a few years left at Harvard to complete.

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