The horse was so hungry and exhausted that he could no longer stand and eat

In Spain, there is a horse shelter whose founder takes in exhausted animals that have been abused and neglected.

This recently sheltered horse was in such poor condition that we thought he was not going to survive.

A man saw him collapse on the side of the road and contacted an animal rescue organization.

Volunteers came to the rescue and took the cute animal to the shelter. We called him Hector.

He was exhausted, so hungry and exhausted that he couldn’t even stand up and eat.

His body was completely covered in scars.

The horse was so scared of people that it couldn’t look into the eyes of their rescuers.

Shelter workers expected the animal to trust them. They caressed him and tried to make him eat.

In ten days, the horse began to eat and was able to lift its head.

After his recovery, which lasted more than a month, the horse gained weight and began to run without being tired.

He liked to carry on his back the little boy Nicolas who liked to visit the horses with his volunteer father.

Nicolas stroked the horse’s mane with his little hands, whispering sweet words and warming the heart.

Many neglected and abused horses like Hector have been rescued and cared for at this shelter.

The facility’s volunteers also work with the police to track down owners who mistreat these intelligent and loyal animals.

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